6d. Water and sanitation

Track Chairs:

Cat Button. School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape. University of Newcastle, UK. cat.button@ncl.ac.uk

Lolita Liberatore. Department of Economic Studies (DEc) - University "G. d'Annunzio" of Chieti-Pescara- Italy. l.liberatore@unich.it

Alessandra Arizzi Novelli. Environmental Protection Agency (ARTA Abruzzo)- Department of Pescara- Pescara - Italy. a.arizzi@artabruzzo.it

Goals and objectives of the track

A growing scarcity of fresh water relative to human demands is now evident in many parts of the world. Two of the most fundamental water functions, its role as a prerequisite for life and its use as a commodity or economic resource, are increasingly in conflict. Adequate drinking water and sanitation, are all essential ingredients to ensure human health.

The same is true for proper wastewater management, which is a basic prerequisite for environmental health.

Today many developing countries are already struggling to cope with chronic water shortages and the inadequacies of their existing water infrastructure. They are also facing unprecedented population growth, rapid urbanization, and increased economic activity. Basic needs remain unmet, and the policies, institutions and infrastructure to improve drinking water sanitation, and wastewater management must be put in place (Cartone et al., 2017; Liberatore et al., 2015; Liberatore et al., 2012).

The aim of this track is to give a contribution to the water resource management theme and to its implication on environment and public society. In particular, the topics of interest include:

  • the interactions between water management and the environment (e.g. water footprint, water quality, water management and the potential implications of global climate change);
  • the institutional and regulatory aspects of water management (water policy and regulation) in different industrial sectors;
  • the evaluation of innovative technologies in water treatment in order to obtain the sanitation and water reuse.


You may submit your abstract by visiting the Ex Ordo abstract submission system (you will be required to setup an account first): http://isdrs2018.exordo.com
Deadline for abstracts: 30 November 2017 7 January 2018


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