Prof. Massimo Di Gangi was graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Catania, Italy, in 1984. In 1990 he joined the University of Napoli "Federico II" as an assistant professor, holding courses of traffic management.
In 1998 he became Associate Professor at the University of Basilicata and in 2008 he joined the University of Messina. Prof. Di Gangi holds courses on transportation planning and transportation system theory.
Main scientific interests of Prof. Di Gangi concern the development and application of methodologies for the analysis of transportation systems, traffic management and planning, analysis of public transport systems. Main issues: dynamic traffic assignment to road networks; transit assignment; analysis and evaluation of transportation demand; performance evaluation of transit systems; decision support systems for public transport agencies; modal choice in freight transportation; analysis of transport systems in emergency conditions: simulation of evacuation from buildings and risk areas.
Professor Di Gangi is author of more than 100 papers published on international technical journals, or proceedings of international conferences..
Research projects of Professor Di Gangi have been funded by the Italian Ministry of University and CNR (the Italian Research Council).