A poster is an alternative to the oral presentation of a paper. The poster allows authors to create a self-explanatory document, but the authors should be available to interact with viewers and answer questions. It is a highly successful form of communication when it considers the needs of the public and the authors. Posters allow more time for authors and viewers to discuss the topic, more personal interaction and exchange of professional experience, ample question time with focus on your subject, and the potential for continued display of the poster at your workplace. 

A space on a flat panel is assigned to each poster presenter. Only works that have been accepted through the review process can be displayed on-site.

Poster dimensions: A1 series A - Portrait 594 x 841 mm

All poster authors are responsible to print their own poster and bring it to the conference.

Please note that we CAN'T print your poster at the University of Messina.

Please print your poster with more sustainable materials:  recycled paper or FSC certified paper and vegetable colors.

We have created a powerpoint file with the correct poster dimensions if you wish to use it (see the attached file: poster ppt file format)

Please do not forget to take your poster with you at the end of your poster session. Other posters need to be inserted in your place for the following poster session.




All oral presenters will have a maximum of 15 minutes for presenting.

Please follow these guidelines when preparing your presentation:

- Use a maximum of 7 slides

- Your presentation should be structured around the following:

  1. Research Question
  2. Importance of the study and Literature Review
  3. Methods and data collected (to be collected in case your study hasn't concluded yet)
  4. Results
  5. Discussion
All presenters are responsible to bring their presentation in Powerpoint/PDF to the conference and upload it in the laptop of their session ahead of time. If you wish so, you can upload your presentation in ExOrdo at the beginning of June for it to appear in the online programme.
We have created a powerpoint file format if you wish to use it (see the attached file: oral presentation ppt file format)