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General theme


The International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) Conferences represent a valuable occasion to discuss opportunities and challenges for a sustainable future bringing together the academic community and other stakeholders from around the world.

On the basis of this multi-year fruitful experience acquired by ISDRS, the theme of the 24th Annual Conference, “Actions for a Sustainable World: from theory to practice” (ISDRS 2018), aims to emphasize the fact that we have reached a milestone in the concept and practice of sustainable development. Indeed, the greatest challenge that humanity faces today is to plan and carry out human activities in a manner compatible with the Earth’s resource systems. Despite the fact that the concept of sustainable development has been developed and studied for several decades now, its practical application still seems limited and meaningful targets have not been met: indeed, we are still operating unsustainably.

With the awareness that we must rethink our social and economic systems in order to make economic and social development more resource-efficient and more equitable to all, both across the planet and in future generations, the ISDRS 2018 will bring together leading experts, policy-makers and the academic community to translate recent scientific advances into actions on many levels, addressing how to face the global economic, social and environmental challenges of sustainability that affect the role of each and every stakeholder.

The theme aims to focus on how scientists and researchers are developing the theory and methods of sustainable development, as well as policy-makers, private and public organizations and citizens are translating them into real practice, and if those tools and related implementation will ensure the achievement of international goals, such as those set by the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The ISDRS 2018 aims to have a positive impact on the search for sustainable solutions, through the following main objectives:


  • to illustrate the enormity of the implications of continued unsustainable production and consumption and the economic cost if society fails to act and reverse the unsustainable trend of current economic development;
  • to bring  together  the  world's scientific  experts and scholars who will present their most recent research findings along with other diverse stakeholders presenting their own successful experiences in researching sustainable solutions and practices; to provide a global platform for strengthening, promoting and enhancing scientific collaborations around the world and develop a conference programme that reflects the diversity within the research of sustainable strategies and solutions.

The University of Messina warmly welcomes all the participants of the three-day event, ISDRS 2018, with the hope to create an exciting scientific debate; the delegates will share their research, approaches and innovative ideas on the concept and practice of sustainability in a wonderful and inspiring location. We hope that ISDRS 2018 will provide a contribution to advancing and disseminating practical and effective strategies and solutions to build a sustainable world.

ISDRS 2018 Core Themes:

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